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Native Union Rise Laptop Stand

Native Union Unveils Its Foldable Rise Laptop Stand

Create your perfect mobile workstation anywhere with the foldable Rise Laptop Stand.

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$ 30

Native Union, a purveyor of products with enhanced functionality and refined style, has introduced its Rise Laptop Stand. With more and more of the brand’s team embracing remote work, Native Union found that neck and shoulder pain became a real issue among its employees after long days sitting in front of their laptops. The Rise Laptop Stand solves these pain points with its Origami-inspired folds that elevate a laptop up to a 20° viewing angle optimized for improved posture in an elegant balance of form and function.

The Native Union Rise Laptop Stand is compatible with all 13- to 16-inch MacBooks as well as other 13- to 16-inch laptops as long as they have no underside ventilation slots. Foldable, lightweight, and ultra-slim at only 2.5mm thin, the stand will hold up to 6.6 pounds. Thanks to its strong fiberglass core, the Native Union Rise Laptop Stand is very sturdy even with its ultra-slim form, making it stable for daily use even with more force on your keyboard. Laptops easily attach to the stand thanks to the adhesive sticky gel that secures them but leaves no marks once removed.

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