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Native Union Marble iPhone Dock

Native Union Marble iPhone Dock

The Native Union Marble iPhone Dock is a worthy throne for your new iPhone.

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Native Union makes stellar products for your desk as well as mobile accessories. Their approach has always been to enhance the experience you have with your devices through quality materials and modern design. Following their popular Dock for iOS and Android devices, Native Union introduces a Marble iPhone Dock that adds a touch of sophistication.

The Marble iPhone Dock is more than just a beautiful object, but highly functional as well. Made from solid hand-polished genuine marble, the sleek and stable base comes in black or white marble. It features an incredible amount of attention to detail, like the braided, reinforced Lighting cable that compliments the tones of the aluminum and marble finish. The dock also works with or without your case,
unlike some docks, accommodating for the thickness of your case. It’s even perfectly angled for easy glances and interaction with the screen, making this a worthy addition to your desktop or nightstand.