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Wooden Docking Stations by Undulating Contours

Wooden Docking Stations by Undulating Contours

A simple, no frills docking station that's perfect for us guys.

Personal organization can be a tough thing to tackle, especially for men. With more and more things to carry around, phones, wallets, keys, watches, sunglasses, and other miscellaneous items are being thrown around everywhere in the house. We’re always looking for our keys and end up wearing whatever watch we can find at the last minute before heading out the door. There has to be a better way to organize our stuff, and thankfully Undulating Contours seem to have the answer.

The wooden docking stations by Undulating Contours can neatly organize and display your everyday items while also charging your smart phone. Based in Baton Rouge, LA, Undulating Contours create ‘functional pieces for modern-day living.’ It’s a simple concept and design, where two pieces of wood have been interlocked to create the dock, that works surprisingly well. Available in a multitude of different arrangements, depending on your need and phone preference, these wooden docking stations are not only handy but offer a stylish and natural home for your every day gear.

It may not be the fanciest or nicest way to display and organize your items, but the simplicity and wood construction make the Undulating Contours wooden docking stations a no-frills organization solution that is perfect for men.