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Naim Uniti

Naim Audio Uniti Platform

A comprehensive audio platform for your home, by British hi-fi experts Naim Audio.

Music has never been so accessible, thanks to the variety of streaming services that has made discovering music easier than ever, yet for those who like to listen to their favorite music at home, it can be a confusing time as well. Early in the days of home audio, listening to your music was a simple task where you set up your receiver and hooked it up to one of your favorite mediums. Now, with a plethora of digital sources, with a new one spawning almost every other week, choosing your source as well as having a dedicated platform to play your music at home can be challenging and confusing.

A longstanding name when it comes to passion for music and innovation in engineering, Naim Audio introduces the Uniti, a platform that simplifies streaming digital music. It combines the convenience and seamless digital technology with a rich analogue soul, so you can command all your music collection in one place. The extensive list of sources is quite comprehensive, with support for Google Cast for Audio, AirPlay, TIDAL, Spotify, Bluetooth, Internet Radio, and other more traditional sources like digital and analogue inputs, and even CD ripping. With a dedicated app to control all your music, this is the ultimate way to enjoy your favorite music, all accessible at your fingertips.