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Digital Storm Aura

Digital Storm Aura All-In-One Gaming PC

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All-in-one PCs are rapidly becoming more popular these days; there’s no need for a bulky tower, eliminating clutter while keeping your desk neat and clean. Downsides have been difficulties with upgrading the hardware, as you had to give up upgradability to save space. However, looks like Digital Storm just cracked the secret to a stellar performing all-in-one gaming PC with their new Aura.

The whole PC is housed within the 34-inch curved display, including the enthusiast oriented Broadwell-E-based Core i7 Extreme Edition processors. It even has room for the GeForce GTX 1080 video card that offers incredible performance at a reasonable price. These stellar hardware specs should last you a few years, but if you are inclined to upgrade down the road it shouldn’t be a problem as you can replace pretty much everything, including the motherboard. Starting at $1,999, this dream machine will cost more with added options, but that seems like a fair price to pay for not making any compromises.