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Microsoft Surface Studio

Microsoft expands their Surface product range with the Surface Studio aimed at creative professionals.

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Microsoft introduces the Surface Studio, an all-in-one PC with a 28-inch PixelDense Display thats aimed at creative professionals. It’s designed to act like a large digital canvas as it can fold to an almost flat surface, making the most of what we’ve come to expect from their Surface line of products. The Surface Studio takes things further, along with the Surface Dial, a new tool designed for the creative process. It works with other Microsoft Surface products, but shines when used in conjunction with the Surface Studio, as it makes the most out of the massive real estate available on the Surface Studio.

Performance is handled via Intel’s i5 or i7 processors, with up to 4GB of NVIDIA GeForce GPU and 32GB of ram. Available for preorder starting December 1, and shipping in 2017, the Surface Studio may just revolutionize the way we use desktop computers, especially in the creative environment. To see the Surface Studio, as well as some of the software that’s been optimized for the computer in action, check out the videos below.