Mymanu Clik Translation Earbuds

These revolutionary earbuds can translate a remarkable 37 different languages in real time.

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A Japanese electronics company, Mymanu has found success as a manufacturer of waterproof speakers that reward discerning music lovers with crystal clear sound quality. Its newest product, the Mymanu Clik Translation Earbuds, aim for a whole new type of clarity – the seamless channels of communication between people of different backgrounds and cultures.

Revealed at the highly influential CES 2018 high-tech convention, these state-of-the-art earbuds employ the latest in smart technology to perform live voice translation with pristine audio quality. A revolutionary way to break down language barriers, the Mymanu Clik can translate a remarkable 37 different languages in real time. As Mymanu continues to develop this product, it plans to add new languages according to the requests of customers in the field.

Its real-time capabilities make the Mymanu Clik an ideal choice for group translations at a board meeting, conference, or dinner party, as well as face-to-face interactions on the street, at a reception, or in a shop. And thanks to the Mymanu Clik’s cloud-based translation system, you can access a full transcript of your conversations at any point in time.