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Monster SOLARA Outdoor Speaker

This Bluetooth-equipped and solar-powered outdoor speaker boasts an amazing 360-degree omni-directional musical experience.

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The crew is arriving, and you want the party started quickly. You are counting on your outdoor audio system and party playlist to set the mood. No worries. The Monster SOLARA Outdoor Speaker is Bluetooth equipped, solar powered, and boasts an amazing 360-degree musical experience. Forget worrying about finding an outlet or tripping over a power cord after a few beers. You can place it anywhere the sun shines for a constant charge, longer battery life, and extreme performance.

The Monster SOLARA omni-directional speaker provides an unmatched musical experience you’ll find outdoors. When the party stretches into the twilight hours, the Monster SOLARA puts on the 360-degree mood lighting, which can be set from 25% to 100%, depending on the desired ambiance. When you really want to amp things up, the EZ-Play function allows you to pair up to 8 Monster SOLARA outdoor speakers to reach every corner of your get together and beyond. This beefy outdoor speaker even allows you to control the music from wherever you are with the Monster Zone app for your phone, giving you control of all the functions of your Monster SOLARA with ease.