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Moment Airtag Mounts

Moment Releases A Variety Of Mounts For The New Apple AirTags

This new AirTag accessory allows users to mount the tracker to virtually any surface, including curved surfaces and clothing.

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Created to support the new innovative Apple AirTags, Moment AirTag Mounts are the answer to the problem of attaching AirTags to personal belongings of all varieties. AirTags are quarter-sized puck-like devices that can be attached to keys, dropped in bags, or put into the pockets of favorite items. These items can then be located via the Find My app feature on an iPhone. Moment takes these devices that serve a needed role and makes them even more usable with their companion AirTag mounts.

There are three main styles of mounts available, in addition to the keyring mount. The Hard Shell Mount is made from an aramid shell and is attached using a strong adhesive. It allows the user to attach an AirTag to virtually any flat surface. The next variety of mount is the Curved Surface Mount, which is made of flexible silicone. This enables users to attach an AirTag to virtually any hard surface, from snowblowers or kayaks to bike seats or surfboards. The final mount option style is the Stretch Fabric Mount. This mount allows users to attach an AirTag to nearly any fabric surface, such as jackets or camera bags.

Premium gear is expensive and beloved, sentimental items are sometimes simply irreplaceable regardless of their actual monetary worth. Attaching an AirTag isn’t always easy for a variety of reasons. Moment AirTag Mounts provide a solution to attach AirTags onto virtually anything so that users can keep track of all their favorite items.

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