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Miniot Black Wheel

Miniot’s Black Wheel Is An Audiophile Turntable Turned Upside Down

Miniot’s Black Wheel works upright on a stand or wall, or flat on a table.

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$ 4,000

For a remix on the classic (yet somehow, even cooler) record player, look no further than the Miniot Black Wheel. Featuring a top-loaded design, this revolutionary turntable will turn heads (pun intended) and start conversations any time you’re entertaining in your home or at the office.

Simply load the record from the front, and the system automatically detects the record size, selects the proper speed, and reproduces the high-quality sound into your speakers, headphones, amplifier, or any wireless environment. Your vinyl will spin counter-clockwise, with the side facing down being the one that plays. The Black Wheel is suited for 7, 10, or 12-inch records and offers 33.3/45-rpm playback speed corrections, thanks to the linear tonearm’s AT VMN95SH phono cartridge and world-renowned Nude Shibata stylus.

The Black Wheel is so much more than a turntable; it will change the way you listen to records and how you display your audio equipment. The wheel can sit horizontally on a table or any flat surface, can be hung on the wall, or can be mounted onto an (included) vertical stand. For vinyl lovers and those with an eye for sleek and minimalist design, the Miniot Black Wheel is a home-run hitter. You’ll enjoy the crisp, killer sound of your favorite record while showcasing some of the most impressive audiophile technology we’ve seen in ages. Handcrafted in Holland with extreme precision and care, Miniot creates just five units each month that sell for $4,000 on Miniot’s website.

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