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Pro-Ject Releases Its Premium Vinyl Cleaning Machine

The S3 is fast and thorough, providing improvement in sound quality that’s immediately audible.

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$ 799

Calling all vinyl lovers – preserve and maintain the grooves and longevity of your favorite records with the brand-new S3 Record Cleaning Machine from Pro-Ject Audio. With a state-of-the-art cabinet design, a new magnetic clamp for quick cleaning, a vacuum motor, and aluminum mounting pads, vinyl from around the world can be heard making an audible “Ahhhh,” as they receive a cleaning like no other from this premium cleaning machine.

Gone are the days of panic-cleaning your records at the last minute before a party or an important date. Nothing’s worse than putting a record on and hearing the raspy, scratchy sounds of dirt and static. Well, one thing may be worse; trying to clean your records in a rush and potentially damaging them with any alcohol cleaning fluid.

Pro-Ject Audio’s new Wash 2 cleaning fluid is non-alcoholic, eco-friendly, and won’t damage your vintage Stones album from 1971 (or any classic, for that matter). Compared to previous cleaning fluids, which required diluting, this new process is basically foolproof. At cleaning speeds of 30 RPM, your entire record collection will be sparkling in no time.

Best of all, the S3 is fairly lightweight, weighing 17 pounds, and can easily be stored away when not in use. It features a 50 or 60 Hz power connection, and its dimensions are 16”x12.7”x10.7.” Available in smooth chrome, this cleaning system will look sleek and cool on your record table or any other furniture in your home.

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