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The James Brand x Vinyl Me Please Abbey

The James Brand x Vinyl Me Please Abbey Puts Records On The Turntable Faster

A tool the ’60s would adore.

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$ 79

A legendary name in knives recently partnered with vinyl experts, and the result is a tool made with intention. The James Brand x Vinyl Me Please Abbey is a custom, fixed blade knife specifically designed for opening brand-new vinyl. The record enthusiasts at both companies understand the excitement of putting a new record on the turntable is an indescribable experience. They want to help listeners do it quickly without causing harm to the vinyl or its covers.

The small yet functional Abbey knife features a corrosion-resistant stainless steel blade. The knife features recycled Vinyl Me Please (VMP) records, which include a real vinyl LP inlay that sets the knife apart from all others. It comes in a stylish leather sheath that listeners can proudly display next to the turntable. The James Brand and VMP believe there is no listening experience like that of gathering around the turntable together. This specialty tool helps listeners move from vinyl purchasing to turntable listening that much quicker. The James Brand x Vinyl Me Please Abbey is now available on the VMP and James Brand websites.

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