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Terrain 365 P38-AT

The Terrain 365 P38-AT Is An Amphibious Knife Built for the Elements

The P38-AT is available with Terravantium blades and titanium bolsters with carbon fiber scales.

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$ 375

Terrain 365 offers tools for use in the wildest settings, from the seafloor to mountain peaks. The Terrain 365 P38-AT dual action knife is compact, durable, and made to withstand the elements above or below the water’s surface. The blade is made from Terrain 365’s trademark edge-holding Terravantium alloy that is 100-percent rustproof whether the knife is used on land or in the sea. Glow-in-the-dark cabochons in the Thumbstuds shine when the only other light source is the moon and stars.

Terrain 365 creates tools known for their functionality. The P38-AT doesn’t come with fancy inlays or additional tools. It is a knife that serves its purpose in all types of terrain, year after year. The titanium and carbon fiber handles are built to last, and the modified spear point blade will never require more than a simple edge touch-up. The goal of the Terrain 365 P38-AT is to help the most rugged adventures accomplish the most extreme missions. It’s a product that Terrain 365 founder and knifemaker Michael Vagnino is proud to stand behind.

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