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The Yamaha TurnT Merges Past And Present Music Listening Experiences

Turns your smartphone into a turntable.

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Urban Dictionary describes “turnt” as a synonym for excessively excited. That’s how music lovers will likely feel when they see the new Yamaha TurnT. Simply put, it is a turntable that uses a smartphone to play records, but the makers explain it’s so much more. The TurnT combines many of the best elements of listening to records with the conveniences of modern technology. Vinyl enthusiasts explain that listening to a record is an entire experience. It involves carefully choosing the music, physically placing the stylus on the vinyl, and listening closely.

The TurnT offers many of the joys of classic record listening. However, the record is displayed on the screen of the user’s smartphone. The listener places the TurnT’s stylus at the desired location on the digital record and listens with pleasure, similar to sitting around a record player. An advantage over traditional turntables is that songs and albums change with the swipe of a finger. The Yamaha TurnT is not an essential listening device, but it welcomes back the intentional listening of decades ago. Yamaha aims to release the TurnT as part of the company’s new Stepping Out of the Slate collection.

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