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Men’s Society Hiker’s Survival Kit

Introducing The Men’s Society Hiker’s Survival Kit

A self-care survival kit for those days out on the trails.

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Men’s Society just dropped its Hiker’s Survival Kit made with 100% natural ingredients. The kit features a 50ml bottle of hair and body wash, 50ml of oil, a 10ml energizing shower mist, one toothbrush, and a 10ml tube of toothpaste with a portable tin case. The company also offers variations of its Hiker’s Survival Kit, namely the Ski Survival Kit and the Sportsman Survival Kit. Men’s Society established its award-winning British product design house in 2012. This family-run business aims to redefine the idea of gifts for men. To that end, Men’s Society creates culturally relevant products reflecting British quality, craftsmanship, and wit.

Men’s Society constantly builds its collection from trend-setting natural cosmetics and homewares to gifts in their Norfolk studio, where they design and craft cosmetics and kits by hand. The company says they produce their natural grooming products in small batches to ensure the ingredients stay as fresh and potent as possible. Like many businesses, Men’s Society says that they founded and created their concepts at the kitchen table. Although they have outgrown that original table, they still find inspiration in the same dreams. That inspiration drives the attention to detail that grew the business from that kitchen table a decade ago.

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