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Mens Society Golfer's Survival Kit

Men’s Society Debuts Its Golfer’s Survival Kit

This kit will help you out on the links and also with those aches that’ll sneak up when you’re back at the club house.

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Established in 2012, Men’s Society is an award-winning family-run British product design house that was founded with the aim of redefining the idea of mens’ gifts. The founders wanted to “create products that are culturally relevant with a deep sense of British quality, craftsmanship, and wit. From trend-setting natural cosmetics, homewares, and gifts.” One of its latest releases is the Men’s Society Golfer’s Survival Kit. While this particular kit doesn’t have golf clubs or extra balls, it does contain everything a golfer would need to stay fresh before, during, and after a session out on the links. Contained inside is a 50ml bottle of hair and body wash, perfect for cleaning up after your game. Also included is a 50ml bottle of everyday oil, a 10ml bottle of energizing shower mist, a specially designed toothbrush, and 10ml of toothpaste.

All items in the Men’s Society Golfer’s Survival Kit are 100% natural and made in the United Kingdom. It is the perfect gift for that golf-lover in your life who always seems ill-prepared or for yourself, for that matter. Men’s Society offers gifts geared towards the hobbyist in your life including a Bike Rider’s Survival Kit or the Whisky Lover Accessory & Tasting Kit, to name just a few of the company’s many choices.

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