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Port Products Marine Layer Sand Bar Exfoliating Body Soap

This Soap From Port Products Is Infused With Volcanic Sand

While the exfoliating property of this bar of soap does wonders for your complexion, its botanical-rich ingredients provide a lovely aroma.

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$ 12

When it comes to first impressions, you may only be as good as your soap. After all, scent is the sense best tied to memory so maintaining a fragrant aura is very important. Unfortunately, the artificial perfumes that many bottles of body wash or bars of soap use dry out the skin and leave a chemical smell that is less than aromatic. So, if you want to care for your skin, you need to rethink your soap. The Port Products Marine Layer Sand Bar Exfoliating Body Soap is made in Los Angeles and is designed to not only rid your body of dead skin but to leave you feeling clean and smelling fresh.

This bar of soap uses a formula for a rich lather that contains volcanic sand to strip away dead layers of skin. This gives your complexion a glow by raising healthy skin to the surface. Beyond removing that stagnant dermal layer, the soap is packed with ocean botanicals, coconut oil, and just a subtle hint of tea and mint to leave you smelling clean without overpowering the senses.