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Revitalize Your Skin With The Vitruvian Man Anti-Pollution Skincare Collection

These products are crafted with cutting-edge ingredients that work together to shield your skin from environmental stressors.

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Since 2018, Vitruvian Man has curated a collection of results-driven skincare products designed specifically for men using natural, organic ingredients. Using natural fragrances to calm and relieve stress, The new Vitruvian Man Collection is committed to providing men with chemical-free grooming products. This skincare line contains zero parabens, phthalates, synthetic colors, or any synthetic fragrances that can be irritating to your skin.

The collection consists of an anti-pollution facial cleanser and toner, anti-fatigue eye cream, and a facial moisturizer with SPF 20. If you’ve been looking to spice up your skincare routine, prevent aging and improve your skin’s overall texture, elasticity, and glow, it’s time to invest in premium organic skincare.

The two-in-one facial cleanser and toner is a low-foaming gel that is formulated to protect your skin and facial hair from pollution in the air. Made with anti-inflammatory and anti-irritation properties, this product is ideal for guys with sensitive skin who want to detox and enhance their overall appearance.

The eye cream contains nourishing ingredients like seaweed and snow mushrooms to improve the skin’s resiliency. It’s formulated with an extract process that will firm and tighten the sensitive skin around the eyes.

As the sun shines brighter and longer each day, a reliable SPF is essential to protect your vulnerable skin. For optimal hydration and sun protection, the broad-spectrum Resurrection face cream seals in moisture and facilitates maximum Vitamin D absorption from the sun. Self-care is timeless, and your skin deserves a pick-me-up. Learn more and invest in your own Vetruvian Man skincare here.

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