'Aesop' by Jennifer Down

‘Aesop’ by Jennifer Down

From the early days of the company’s formation to its rise to acclaim as a leading holistic wellness brand.

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Written by New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Down in conjunction with Aesop founder Dennis Paphitis, a new book from Rizzoli International Publications details the 32-year history of the Australian skincare line Aesop. Far more than a standard history, Aesop is transformed into “an aesthetic handbook of sorts” with the help of ample contributions from renowned Japanese photographer Yutaka Yamamoto.

Aesop takes readers through the early days of the company’s formation in Dennis Paphitis’s hair salon through the opening of its first retail store in Melbourne to its rise to acclaim as a holistic wellness brand with principles and values that extend far beyond the realm of skincare. Examining Aesop’s approach to design as much as the products themselves, the book does a deep dive into a brand that has generated widespread excitement and interest in markets that span the globe.

Aesop releases exclusively in hardcover edition on October 22.