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Once upon a time, men’s grooming products were limited to after shave and beard oil. These basic essentials have filled the medicine cabinets of many a man through the years. But with advancements in the industry come an entire slew of new and innovative products and concepts that promise to add a dose of freshness to your grooming routine. Here are three of the most important and useful grooming trends for men that you can look forward to making your own in 2022.

Ethical/Sustainable Brands and Products

At this point, reducing carbon footprints is hardly a trend — it’s practically a necessity. Anything that you can do to minimize your impact on the environment is important. Every little change counts to making a big difference in the long run, whether you commit to turning off the water while you brush and taking shorter showers every day or repurposing what you can and recycling every week. In the same vein, ethical and sustainable brands aim to further your efforts by implementing recycled packaging and replacing certain ingredients with more eco-friendly alternatives.

Blu Atlas

Blu Atlas takes that commitment seriously, formulating each product in the range without sulfates, phthalates, and parabens. The premium skin, hair, and body care line is made with 100% natural ingredients. They have you covered from head to toe, with products like body wash enriched with sugar cane and green tea, face cleanser with volcanic ash, and face mask with goji berry extract.



Who wants to Disco? The brand uses only sustainable ingredients to formulate its range of vegan, all-natural, cruelty-free products. They’re designed to treat an array of common skin concerns, including acne, oiliness, dark circles, razor burn, wrinkles, and dryness. Products are sold solo or in convenient kits to meet different needs.



The Caldera + Lab way is nothing if not impressive. They use only pure recycled glass, wood sourced via ethical means, and minimal plastic for their chic packaging. They’re also committed to sustainable plant growth practices. What’s more, they’ve earned the Made Safe seal of approval: their products are confirmed non-toxic from production to packaging.


Subscription Boxes

It’s not always easy to decide what you want to purchase. When you’re inundated by products galore, selecting just one can be a gamble. What to choose — the of-the-moment brand that has everyone buzzing? How about the one with the chic labels? Or the kitschy company that flies under the radar? This is where subscription boxes come in so useful. Each box is carefully packed with a combination of sample, deluxe, and occasional full-size products based on questionnaires that you fill out in advance. Some boxes arrive pre-packaged, making it easy for you to give the brand a trial run before committing to a pricier purchase.


The Lumin Classic Maintenance Bundle is a great example that includes everything your skin needs to look and feel its best. You’ll receive tubs of the brand’s beloved Moisturizing Balm, Charcoal Cleanser, and Exfoliating Rub to refresh, smooth, and soothe your skin while deep cleaning pores.



Birchbox aims to make grooming a more enjoyable experience by introducing you to five new products each month. The deluxe samples range from beard care to skin care to everyday basics like shampoo and deodorant. You never know what you’re going to get — but you can make sure the box is tailored to your needs by filling out a short questionnaire.


Dollar Shave Club

Buying shaving essentials can seem like a chore when you’ve been doing it for years. The Dollar Shave Club checks that chore right off your list by sending you all that you need to achieve the smoothest complexion around. Just answer a few questions, and DSC will put together a box of essentials filled with items like hair pomade, hand cream, deodorant, soap, and razors.



The men’s beauty market is growing at a rapid pace, and one reason is that more guys than ever are wearing makeup. Once upon a time, “grooming” meant shaving and slapping on some moisturizer. Today, those unwritten rules have changed. Men use makeup for so many reasons, whether they want to conceal an imperfection or feel confident in colors they love. There’s an unbridled sense of creativity that comes with makeup application, and it’s something many men take joy in discovering.

War Paint

War Paint for Men offers several sets. The Starter is a good choice if you’re new to makeup, with products like primer, tinted moisturizer, concealer, brow gel, makeup remover, and cotton remover pads included. The Ultimate Set adds foundation, powder, and bronzer to the mix. Several color options are available.


Hims The Blur Stick

Maybe you just want one easy piece you can rely on when your skin looks a little worse for wear. Whether you had a sleepless night or didn’t get in until late, Hims The Blur Stick will mask any signs of weariness. Available in a variety of shades, this handy stick blends smoothly into the skin and provides instant coverage of everything from dark circles to acne scars.


Stryx Concealer Tool

A game-changer, the Stryx Concealer Tool is the ultimate on-the-go companion for those sudden skin emergencies. Tuck it in a pocket or a desk drawer. When you need some coverage, twist the bottom and dab the concealer directly onto your skin. Tap, tap, tap until it’s fully blended for enviably great skin.