Nike ACG Air Zoom AO

Nike’s Amphibious Summer Hiker Will Take You Anywhere

The Nike ACG Air Zoom AO is enhanced by the cushioning of the Zoom Air unit to give comfort to each stride taken in this durable hiking shoe.

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Summer has finally arrived. Yet, in classic 2020 fashion — this year presents a case of the summertime blues that seems to have set in long before the solstice. Fortunately, it’s easy to escape the increasingly dystopian urban landscape of society by getting away from it altogether and going on a hike. When the time finally comes to tackle the trails, the Nike ACG Air Zoom AO brings all the comfort of a sneaker into the fortified constructs of a hiking shoe.

Made to brave the elements, the ACG Air Zoom AO draws characteristics from other Nike sneakers to conquer any terrain. Quick-pull laces provide a snug fit that won’t snag on brush, branches, or rocks thanks to a design element from the Nike Phantom VNM that keeps them concealed. Amphibious technology from the Nike Kukini 2003 drains water to keep your feet bone dry while elements from the SFB Jungle preserve the sole of the hiking shoe from getting waterlogged. Sticky rubber adds traction while the toe of the hiking shoe is fortified with hard rubber for extra protection. Using the Zoom Air unit’s responsive cushioning gives these hardcore hiking shoes a soft insole for comfort that rivals their durability.