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Master Shin’s Anvil Weeding Hoe

Master Shin’s Anvil Weeding Hoe

Built to easily slide under and remove stubborn weeds.

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Master Sin’s Anvil Weeding Hoe is built for action. Featured in Huckberry’s Home & Garden section, this rugged garden tool is made by actual blacksmiths; the same kind that has been forging tools and weaponry in ancient and exotic locales for centuries. Only this time, the expert blacksmiths are in South Korea, and the tool is made to tame weeds, not enemies. This strong tool is the creation of a fifth-generation blacksmith, Sin In-Young, whose family has been forging kitchen, garden, and other tools for more than 175 years.

Perfectly angled to leverage muscle and movement, this veritable work of art is perfect for digging out roots, planting, and weeding. A convex-shaped, triangular blade with a raised neck makes for good digging without having soil build up on the blade itself. A solid wood handle, available in chestnut or oak, enables a good grip that feels comfortable in the palm of the hand. The steel blade is supported on the handle by forged steel that shows the maker’s markings. Available in both small (12.5-inches long x 4.5-inches wide) and large (12.6-inches long x 5-inches wide), the shape of the angled blade is an ergonomic masterpiece, worthy of the name Master Shin. This isn’t just a pretty little garden tool waiting to be displayed on the potting shed wall. It’s a “let’s get down and dirty” tool that turns a mundane gardening task—weeding—into a satisfying experience.

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