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Master & Dynamic ME01 In-Ear Headphones

While Beats By Dr. Dre headphones heavily focus on targeting the younger, athletic, hip hop loving segment of the premium headset market, the up and coming headphone manufacturer Master & Dynamic is taking a very different path. With its emphasis on superior sound and elegant design, Master & Dynamic seeks to attract fashionable audiophiles that belong to a higher age group.

Made from gunmetal aluminum body and flat rubber cords that are tangle-free, the Master & Dynamic ME01 in-ear headphones are a good representation of what this New York City-based audio brand embodies. The minimalist design is simply tempting, and it features sound quality that is both warm and smooth. The understated appearance of the ME01s will look good with any kind of outfit in any type of environment, unlike some headphones made by a certain brand highlighted by colorful plastic bands and a lowercase “B” logo.