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Linn Series 5

Linn Series 5

As makers of high end audio systems, Scottish company Linn knows a thing or two about sound quality. For discerning audiophiles, any disruption in sound that deviates from the original source is less than acceptable. That is why we were surprised to see Linn give their newest line of Linn Series 5 speakers design friendly covers in a variety of colors and patterns.

For a long time, audiophiles and manufacturers alike have been trying to get rid of speaker covers as the added layer of fabric not only muffles the sound, it can also distort it. For a high end manufacturer like Linn to boast about its variety of colorful speaker covers seemed counter intuitive.

However, it seems that Linn has not only been successful in diversifying its aesthetic qualities but has also successfully managed to maintain a high level of sound quality with the Series 5. With their ground-breaking Exakt technology and Linn Fabrik, the Series 5 speakers will perform optimally despite the added layer. Sounding closer to that of rocket science, the gist of it is that the Exakt technology calculates the presence of the additional layer and produces sound waves that can counter it. The end result is simply stunning, in line with previous Linn products.

The Series 5 comes in two flavors; the top of the line 530 with 300W of power and the 520 with 200W.