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Treat Your Ears To The New LG TONE Free T90 Earbuds

Cutting-edge technology helps LG’s latest stand out.

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$ 140

Faced with the question of how to distinguish the new Tone Free T90 earbuds from an increasingly crowded field, LG opted to load up on features. Many of them – crisp audio, active noise cancellation, and water/sweat resistance – are table stakes at this price point, but there is still some noteworthy tech to unpack here.

For starters, the LG TONE Free T90s natively support Dolby Atmos Head Tracking technology across all content and devices. Spatial audio itself isn’t new, but this is the first-ever implementation of this technology from Dolby’s renowned audio masters in wireless earbuds. Audiophiles unimpressed with the default Meridian equalizer presets can use the companion app to tinker with eight different EQ bands ranging from 64Hz to 8kHz until they find a sound signature that suits their taste.

With this offering, LG also asked: “What if a charging case could do more?” Their answer is twofold: a standard USB-C charging port allows the case to double as a Bluetooth transmitter via an included USB-C-to-3.5mm cable. Meanwhile, the case’s earbud-sterilizing UVnano LED technology – combined with medical-grade, hypoallergenic ear gels on the buds themselves – helps ensure robust audio is the only thing entering listeners’ ears.

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