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LEGO 10248 Creator Ferrari F40

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300SL, Miura, and F1.

These are the just a few names of some of the most iconic supercars of our time. However, to talk about supercars without mentioning Ferrari would be going through YouTube without any funny car videos. Amongst all Ferraris, one of the most desirable examples is none other than the F40; a twin-turbocharged V8 race car for the road and the very last Ferrari that Enzo Ferrari personally saw roll of the production line. The F40 is not just a pinnacle of what a Ferrari should be, it is also the car that defines what a supercar is and should be.

The desirability of the F40 in relation to what it represents in the history of Ferraris undeniable, but it is also more desirable because many believe it to be one of the most exciting and purest expressions of driving pleasure within the automotive landscape. With a limited run of only 1,311 examples and with most examples being pampered by some serious collectors, the idea of owning this highly coveted model may have been out of reach for the average Joe.

That is until now.

LEGO expands their Creator Expert line with an incredibly detailed version of the Ferrari F40. Not only does it look the part, the designers have painstakingly recreated many details of the real car. From the opening front and rear hatches to the detailed interior, not only does this make it a must have for LEGO fans but also for Ferrari enthusiasts as well. Even the engine is removable so you can take in all of the twin-turbocharged glory!

This highly desirable set is expected to be released towards the beginning of August.