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LA House

LA House by Eran Binderman & Rama Dotan

Is this the definition of house goals? Open spaces and Mediterranean courtyards define this breathtaking house in Israel.

In the coastal city of Ramat Hasharon, just north of Tel Aviv, sits the LA House, a collaborative effort between Eran Binderman and Rama Dotan. Nearly 10,000 sq-ft in size, the driving concept of the house was centralized around the idea of a “Mediterranean village” that took the slanted ground around the site into consideration.

The open and airy interior takes full advantage of the spaces that blend the indoor and outdoor, creating a seamless integration of its outdoor spaces. The outdoor garden also acts as a connecting link between the three zones of the house that are divided into public, private, and service areas. All spaces have floor to ceiling windows to maximize the link between the indoor and outdoor, taking advantage of the breathtaking views of the horizon that extends beyond the olive trees.

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