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KORG minilogue

KORG minilogue Synthesizer

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Any musician will be familiar with the brand KORG. The manufacturer of electronic musical instruments have been a darling of musicians around the world for their synthesizers that produces a uniquely rich sound. Even for those that know very little about music, KORG is a brand that should have some familiarity for anyone that has seen any musical event, as its name is proudly and prominently displayed on the back of their instruments.

Undoubtedly the king of synthesizers, KORG introduces the miniloque, a slim 37-key programmable analogue polyphonic synthesizer. Unlike most digital instruments today, the minilogue offers the distinct powerful sound that is only possible with a real analogue along with modern day features like polyphonic step and motion sequencer, on board tape-style delay, multiple sound shaping and filter options, and an oscilloscope display. No matter what type of music you listen to, this compact synthesizer will add that extra layer of depth to any sound.