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KontrolFreek Thumbsticks

For better control, precise aiming, and better movement that will give you that extra edge in gaming.

If you have played any multiplayer game in the past few years, you might know that the competition can be on the sweaty-try-hard side. That’s to say, you are going up against some serious players. You have to try to get and use as much to your advantage as possible. One way of doing that are by way of KontrolFreek; and no, we’re not talking about your parents or significant other.

KontrolFreek thumbsticks are simple yet affective pieces of ingenious hardware. They are joystick caps that act as extensions to your stock joystick. It helps you by increasing the radius of the joystick itself, where you can have more room for control, precise aiming, and movement. Even at higher settings, your aiming sensitivity can be cranked up and yet you can still maintain a great deal of control and accuracy. Not only will this be a great benefit for first person shooters, but third person gaming as well. At around $15 on average, these are fairly affordable and come in different lengths — short, medium and long — to accommodate for comfort, as well as in different colors and designs.