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Xbox Series X|S consoles

Xbox Series X|S Consoles To Offer Next-Gen Gaming

These new consoles promise to deliver enhanced gaming experiences with increased storage capacities and unique designs.

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Microsoft’s Xbox consoles have been a firm favorite among gamers for decades, with franchises including the Halo and Fable series dominating sales in the industry. The brand is turning heads again with its upcoming launch of three new Xbox Series X|S consoles, retaining the standard edition’s outstanding speed and high-performance capabilities with a selection of new features.

The first edition in the new selection is the Xbox Series S, presented in a clean and bright robot white color scheme and the standard model’s classic sleek, compact design. A follow-up to the Xbox Series S Carbon Black from 2023, it’s set to enhance gaming performance and responsiveness by adding a powerful 1TB SSD that offers twice the storage for dedicated players to save their game collection.

For digital-first Xbox gamers, there’s the all-digital Xbox Series X, matching the power of the Xbox Series S with 4K resolution for visually immersive game worlds. Gaming enthusiasts with extensive libraries of content to store can upgrade to the 2TB SSC Xbox Series X Galaxy Black Special Edition for twice the storage capacity. This edition comes housed in a futuristic case that blends elements of outer space, with green, constellation-like speckles scattered over the jet-black surface.

The Xbox Series X Galaxy Black Special Edition also includes a Galaxy Black D-pad and Velocity Green back case in the special edition package. Pre-orders for each of the upcoming editions are expected from Microsoft in the coming months.

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