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Xbox Porsche 75th Anniversary Collection

Xbox Porsche 75th Anniversary Collection – The Ultimate Collaboration For Racing And Gaming Enthusiasts

Bringing together Porsche’s most unforgettable race liveries with the cutting-edge technology of Xbox Series X consoles.

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Xbox and Porsche have partnered to create the ultimate gaming experience for racing enthusiasts and fans of iconic design. The Xbox Porsche 75th Anniversary Collection features six limited-edition Xbox Series X consoles and controllers, each inspired by a legendary Porsche motorsport livery. This exclusive collection will be unveiled at major auto and gaming events worldwide throughout the summer.

The Xbox-Porsche collaboration has a rich history, with Porsche vehicles making appearances in popular racing games like the Forza franchise. The new collection pays homage to some of Porsche’s most unforgettable race liveries, including the Porsche 911 GT1, the Porsche Hippie, the Porsche Pink Pig, the Porsche Salzburg, the Porsche Racing Edition, and the Porsche 75th.

“Many people who end up being our most dedicated fans had their first encounter with Porsche through gaming,” says Robert Ader, Vice President of Global Marketing at Porsche AG. The partnership aims to showcase the Porsche brand in an engaging way and inspire gamers to dream both in virtual and real-world experiences.

Fans in the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany have the opportunity to enter a sweepstakes from June 8 to October 1 for a chance to win one of these exclusive consoles and controllers. The Porsche-inspired Xbox hardware turns gaming consoles into enticing design pieces, even for those who don’t follow motorsports.

This collaboration further solidifies the partnership between Xbox and Porsche, which dates back to 2005 when Porsche vehicles were first introduced in the Forza franchise. Through this ongoing partnership, Porsche has established itself as an innovator in the world of motorsport and gaming.

With its shared vision and goal of reaching global audiences who love cars, gaming, and self-expression, Xbox and Porsche are set to captivate fans with this limited-edition collection that seamlessly combines the worlds of racing and gaming.

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