Italian Luxury EV Startup AEHRA Plans To Unveil Its Sedan At Milano Monza Auto Show - IMBOLDN
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Italian Luxury EV Startup AEHRA Plans To Unveil Its Sedan At Milano Monza Auto Show

An Italian four scissor door luxury EV with a lackluster name.

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$ 175,000 (Not Official)

Aehra is an EV startup based in Milan, Italy, with plans to unveil its new four-door model called The Sedan at the Milano Monza auto show. Like most EV startups, Aehra boosts big claims, dynamic designs, and near-production dates to capture the spotlight. The Aehra Sedan is no different, with a 500-mile range, four scissor doors, and a 2024 pre-order date.

Spearheading Aehra is chief design officer Filippo Perini, whose resume includes Audi, Lamborghini, and Italdesign. That wealth of experience can be seen in the Sedan’s exterior and interior design. The EV’s four doors open upward and away from each other. Meanwhile, the interior offers a coast-to-coast infotainment screen that fills the entire dashboard’s width. When parked, this screen can be extended upward to create a widescreen display for entertainment media or work video calls.

Powertrain details are too soon to be disclosed, but Aehra states the Sedan and its second model, the SUV, use its Miba Battery System. Moreover, the Sedan has a claimed top speed of 165 mph. These machines are not built to compete against the Nissan Leaf. Aehra’s cars are premium EVs looking to tap into the six-figure luxury electric car market.

However, if there is one thing we can fault Aehra for is the complete lack of imagination in naming their vehicles, especially when you consider the vast catalog of beautifully sounding names available in the Italian language. Aehra aims to have full-scale production by 2027 and open pre-orders in 2024 for the Sedan and the SUV.

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