New All-Electric Alpine A290_B Unveiling Will Be Live Streamed On May 9 - IMBOLDN
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Alpine A290_B All-Electric Sports Car

New All-Electric Alpine A290_B Unveiling Will Be Live Streamed On May 9

This car will launch Alpine’s new “Dream Garage” era.

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Big news from Alpine with its announcement of the upcoming debut of a new all-electric car. Alpine released a teaser image along with the press release to support this. The teaser image is a close-up of what appears to be the new car’s rear end showing the nameplate A290_B.

The meaning behind the Alpine A290_B follows the brand’s naming strategy of the letter A followed by three digits. For this vehicle, the first number, “2,” represents the size of the car, a two-seater. Next, the “90” represents the brand’s multi-purpose sports vehicle representing “lifestyle.” For context, the number “10” stands for sports vehicles in Alpine models. Lastly, the “B” is short for beta. From this, we can conclude that the Alpine A290_B is not a pure sports car but a sporty commuter car like a hot hatchback and that it probably isn’t in its final form.

Moreover, this soon-to-be-announced vehicle represents the first in a new era Alpine dubbed the “Dream Garage” and will help set the stage for the upcoming urban sports car being introduced in 2024. The A290_B official unveiling will be live-streamed on Alpine’s website for anyone with an internet connection to see on May 9 at 10:30 CET.

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