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Killspencer x Puma GV Special

Introducing The Killspencer x Puma GV Special Shoe

The GV Special kicks come with a neon calf leather lining inspired by tennis balls.

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$ 250

Although they say that clothes make the man, the fact is that accessories can elevate any ensemble, particularly when they are one-of-a-kind. Sneakers are always a treat – highly sought after by collectors and fans alike. So, when a new pair of high-class kicks hit the market, sneakerheads are the first to take notice.  In this case, Killspencer and Puma have collaborated to create the GV Special shoe. These shoes are so exclusive that the companies have only made 25 pairs available. So, interested buyers will have to act fast.

But beyond the exclusivity, what sets these shoes apart from the pack? The upper section is made of hand-bonded pebble leather, resembling alligator skin. Since the leather is black, it stands out against the pure white interior and sole. Speaking of the sole, it is made of injection-molded EVA foam, which conforms to the foot and offers lightweight balance and comfort. Inside, the Killspencer x Puma GV Special uses a calf leather insole, which cushions the foot and offers superior smoothness. Finally, the outer sole has excellent traction and grip, making this shoe ideal for everyday wear. However, it also works for athletic reasons too, just in case the wearer gets inspired to play a pickup game.

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