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Itacolomi 445

Itacolomi 445 Apartment by Diego Revollo Arquitetura

Dramatic double hight living space is still warm and comfortable in this modern Sao Paulo apartment.

The Itacolomi 445 Apartment is a private residence located in São Paulo, Brazil, designed by Diego Revollo Arquitetura. It’s tastefully designed and furnished, highlighted by neutral tones warm materials.

The open concept living and dining space is only made even more dramatic by the double height ceiling above the living room. The dramatic high ceilings contrast well with the comfortable layout and well-proportioned design, proving that you don’t need an excessively large home to live in a dramatic space. Carefully selected furniture pieces are eclectic without feeling forced, creating a cohesive area with a touch a whimsy. The Itacolomi 445 has just given us new house goals; color us green with envy.