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St John’s Ambulance

St John’s Ambulance by Marta Nowicka & Co

Old ambulance station is transformed into a holiday family retreat full of historic detail.

It often takes quite a bit of courage to tackle a project converting a non-residential building into a home, as the designer must face challenges of making a commercial or industrial space fit for residential use. However, these projects often end up being much more interesting than standard McMansions, as they are filled with character and history.

In the case of St John’s Ambulance, London based Marta Nowicka & Co has transformed a former ambulance station into a family retreat. Designed as a holiday home, it has four bedrooms and large entertaining spaces for guests. Restored brick walls are complimented by grey oak floors and walls, while other finishes such as wrought ironwork, reclaimed beach timber, and medical references in the kitchen pay tribute to the building’s heritage. The result is a home full of character and detail that is mindful of its history and heritage.