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Wearable tech designed for performance optimization for athletes and teams.

The sudden surge of fitness trackers and monitors have given consumers more than enough options to track their activity, sleep, calories burned, and much more. These are great for the casual user that wants to track their progress on a daily basis, but these devices are not truly optimized for the professional user that wants to improve their performance. While the technology may be the same, professional athletes require more precise readings and detailed reports of how their body is doing to get a better understanding of how to improve their performance.

WHOOP is a performance optimization system that allows athletes and teams to monitor and track their training and recovery to perform better and win more. By monitoring the user’s heart rate and other data, it measures the athletes strain during any activity and recovery via the proprietary wearable tech. With this information, coaches and trainers will be able to know each athlete’s condition and individually tailor their training and workout to minimize injury and optimize performance. It also gives teams a better look at how travel and sleep relate to the athletes recovery, allowing them to optimize travel schedules to efficiently improve recovery. All this information can be viewed on an individual basis or as a team, so you can predict their performance and make more informed decisions on game day.