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DreamWave Survivor

DreamWave Survivor

Never leave home without this Bluetooth speaker. It may be your life saver.

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It’s not often we find ourselves stranded with a dead car battery, but when we do, it can be one of the most frustrating experiences if you don’t have a helping hand that’s readily available. The DreamWave Survivor is a powerful outdoor activity speaker that sets out to do more than just play your music.

Not only is it a high-powered 30W Bluetooth speaker that can pump out near audiophile grade performance, it’s also your emergency power kit in case you get stranded. It’s built in 12,000mAh lithium polymer battery lasts up to 16 hours of continuous play and can also power the built-in 400A emergency 12V car battery jump starter, so you can hook it up to your car when it won’t start. In an emergency, the built in 110 Lumens LED flashlight can project up to 400-feet and also has a SOS flash sequence. The rugged construction protects against water/dust/sand/snow, making it a true outdoor activity speaker. Never leave home without it, as it may be your life saver, whether it’s to power a dead car battery or to combat boredom and awkward silence at the camp site.