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Immotor GO

Immotor GO

This sleek modern electric scooter may be the solution to the last mile dilemma of public transportation.

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The major downside of public transportation is the first and last mile to and from the train, bus, or subway. It’s especially worse in adverse weather, when you just want to get indoors as quick as possible. With projections that personal transportation will double in number by the year 2025, we’re seeing a surge of electric bikes, scooters, and bicycles that are attempting to do their part to make public transportation more tolerable. The Immotor GO attempts to take a similar approach to personal transportation to what Tesla has done with the automotive industry by combining smart battery technology and sleek design.

Immotor is convinced that their electric scooter is the solution for the first and last mile dilemma when using public transportation. It’s a foldable high performance electric scooter that fully integrates with your smartphone. Powering this electric scooter is a new, intelligent super battery system with its own OS that features power on demand, stacking, and accident awareness that automatically shuts off the power system when it detects an accident. The Immotor GO also has three convenient modes that will let you ride, haul stuff, or fold compactly to put away. This scooter might just revolutionize how we commute in the urban jungle that’s becoming more and more dense. To find out if the Immotor GO will fit your lifestyle, head over to their Indiegogo campaign for more information.