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ICECO iFreezer

ICECO iFreezer

The best views in the world won’t cheer you up if you’re hurling your guts out because your mayo got too warm.

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$ 399+

Just because you love to camp and spend time outdoors doesn’t mean you have to drink warm beer like some kind of animal. The ICECO iFreezer is designed to fit right in your car (external battery available) and to begin chilling in minutes.

Programmable down to -18°C (0°F) and controllable from an app, this smart and portable powerhouse offers two cold zones to simultaneously keep your beverages and snacks at their perfect temperatures. The iFreezer provides 7.5L of freezer space and 12L of fridge space, which can be a unified 20L of fridge space with the removal of a divider.

Perfect for camping or tailgates, use the freezer to store ice cream and frozen foods and put your potato salad and wings in the fridge side to keep them at their peak of freshness. Or remove the divider and just fill them with beer all the way.