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Smeg Union Jack

Smeg Union Jack Refrigerator

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Even if you have zero interest in cooking, a refrigerator is a must for any home. It may end up only keeping your ice cold beer and leftover pizza, but a full size fridge will take up quite a bit of space, making its presence known. If you can’t live without it, why not try a different approach by letting it act as part of your interior design?

The Smeg Union Jack Refrigerator (FAB10) is the perfect fridge for those people living in cramped spaces but do not want to skimp on style. The eye catching 50’s retro design along with the Union Jack livery will liven up any space while offering ample room to chill your beverages or small food items. If you still want the charming design but need more space, you can also go for the larger FAB28 that has the same Union Jack theme but with more than double the capacity.