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A Mobile Fridge That Doesn’t Require Ice: ICECO JPPro

The JPPro features a UV disinfection lamp to provide protection against viruses and bacteria.

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For those seeking a lightweight, portable, and easy-to-use refrigerator for camping adventures, the ICECO JPPro may fit the bill. Although still in its early conception phase, this small, portable refrigerator is the first mobile refrigerator of its kind. Operating as both a refrigerator and a freezer, the device does not need ice to run but relies on a powerful battery. The ICECO JPPro features a Secop compressor as the central cooling system with an unprecedented 5-year warranty. Despite its high-power output, the compressor has lower power consumption and makes very little noise.

The JPPro has several functional features perfect for any camping trip. The refrigerator is durable and rugged, can operate at a 45-degree angle, and includes brackets to prevent sliding. The refrigerator has a lid that can be opened from the left or right side or completely removed for bigger items. The integral battery can easily be recharged and works with any power bank. The ICECO battery pack is magnetic, keeping it secured to the metal sides for any travels. The ICECO JPPro refrigerator is still in the initial concept phase and is seeking funding to further the design to a prototype. ICECO has a target date of June 2022 for mass production and shipment.

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