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Meet The Huckberry x Craighill EDC Kit

Huckberry and Craighill create the ultimate EDC kit.

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$ 168

Huckberry and Craighill recently teamed up to curate a kit that puts everything their customers may need right in their pocket. This Huckberry x Craighill – Exclusive EDC Kit comes with four pieces: an offset keyring, key capsule, EDC pen, and Lark knife. It’s all wrapped in a sleek and stylish custom box that would be perfect to use as a gift holder for a friend or loved one.

The Huckberry x Craighill EDC Kit keyring is cast in stainless steel, and its offset design makes it as durable as it is fashionable. Combining the key and hook is a deft maneuver that gives the item some extra dimension without diminishing its utility. On the keyring, there’s a key capsule that can hold anything from a few prescription pills to breath mints when on the go. Any small essentials can be accessed through the screwcap container.

The EDC pen is sleek and stainless, and it has a brass cap that clips onto the keyring. If anyone needs a pen or the holder needs to take notes (or a phone number) down, it really comes in handy. Finally, the Lark Knife is a high-impact folding item that keeps a low profile. It’s perfect to pull out for small tasks that need completing on the spot.

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