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The James Brand Randolph

Stash Your Smallest Valuables In The James Brand Randolph

The Randolph is light, strong, and easily pocketable.

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$ 50

Made with CNC-machined 6al4v titanium, The James Brand Randolph is a unique EDC. This small cylindrical tube or capsule, measuring just 3.9-inches long, allows users to carry a wide array of diminutively-sized items along with them. This can include up to 8 toothpicks, medication, a couple of dollar bills, or really anything that can be fit into the tube. The water-resistant screw-on cap means that your belongings will be protected from the outdoor elements. The James Brand Randolph comes with a lanyard loop for easy carry.

When spending a day outdoors, camping, hiking, climbing, or rafting, valuables like money or medication can become soggy and ruined; with the Randolph capsule tube, this will not be an issue. Created by The James Brand, a name synonymous with a wide array of high-quality, everyday knives, this is yet another tool for the adventurer or lifelong journeyman. Since 2012, The James Brand has been redefining the utility of the pocket knife. Now, they are including handy items like the James Brand Randolph to make your outdoor adventures just a bit easier.

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