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The James Brand Barnes

With A Body Made From A Single Bar Of Titanium, The James Brand Introduces The Barnes

This newly introduced knife is is the finest and most technically advanced knife The James Brand has ever made.

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The James Brand is adding to their growing line of specialty knives with the release of The Barnes. The James Brand Barnes knife is an everyday tool that features a modern and minimalist design. It has a titanium frame lock, which is the brand’s very first integral design. The Barnes is CNC machined, formed from one solid billet of 6ZL4V titanium. The James Brand’s minimalist approach to the design of the Barnes is purposeful, designed to have fewer parts, and require less maintenance throughout the lifetime of the knife. The Barnes name is derived from the Paleo-Indian projectile points that are distributed throughout the lower northeastern United States. Its historic design elements are combined with modern advancements to create a knife capable of handling virtually any task and handling it well.

The Barnes is the first James Brand product to feature a Bohler M390 blade, which is regarded as the best overall blade steel. In addition, the 3.5-inch blade runs on a stainless steel pivot, with a CNC-machined titanium clip and ceramic bearings. Finally, the Barnes comes with a coin design as it is well known that giving a knife as a gift, without a coin exchange is terribly bad luck. All in all the James Brand Barnes, complete with paracord lanyard, is far from bad luck or antiquated in its innovative features, designed to stand the test of time.

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