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The James Brand Pike

The James Brand’s Pike Is The Ideal EDC Pocket Knife

The Pike has a minimal and refined feel that can be shared with generations to come.

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The James Brand is known for its minimalist knives and tools made with premium materials. The latest release from the brand is The Pike pocket knife, which stemmed from the notion of creating a modern take on your grandfather’s knife. The Pike is a lanyard-friendly, slip-joint knife that’ll plunge unassumingly into a pocket, yet deliver that cutting, bracing, prying, whittling performance needed — from backyard shed to wood-smoke-spiced campsite.

Boasting the time-honored Wharncliffe blade shape, a first for The James Brand, The Pike reclines to a total open, action-ready length of 5.7 inches, collapsing to a super-portable, super-pocketable 3.4 inches when closed. When it comes to the handle, there are three options from which to choose including, olive micarta, black G10, or rosewood. Each has its own appeal and all conform nicely with the overall slim, pared-down elegance of this old-reliable EDC. Built for superior edge retention, The Pike is a pocket knife that can be used every day and still be passed down to the next generation.