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Drone Defence Paladyne E1000MP

The Drone Defence Paladyne E1000MP Stops Drones Over A Half-Mile Away

The pistol-like device has an ultra-modern design.

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As a result of increased incidents of intrusive drones, counter-drones have become more and more common to protect airports, military bases, and private property. With the Drone Defence Paladyne E1000MP, the user can disrupt navigation, command, and video signals from 0.62 miles away. The pistol-sized device lets you protect your privacy on most commercially available drones. Once disrupted, drones will return to their base automatically. It is designed to mount on a rifle with the required control box easily fitting in a backpack or coat pouch. Defend a location by using an omnidirectional or directional antenna.

There are two hours of continuous-use battery life or 12 hours of standby power and the device recharges in four hours. It detects drones on standard 2.4GHz and 4.GHz frequencies and the satellite-supported GNSS L1 frequency. At a lightweight 7.7 pounds, the Paladyne E1000MP works from -1 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.