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Craighill Tycho Puzzle

Challenge Yourself With The Craighill Tycho Puzzle

Made from die-cast brass and stainless steel.

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$ 125

Perfect for any desk or office space, the Craighill Tycho Puzzle offers a uniquely beautiful yet challenging puzzle decoration to any room. Built with durable and rugged materials, yet imagined with a stylish finish and streamlined shape, this cube puzzle offers the perfect solution for those who simply need to sit and ponder for a moment or two.

The Craighill Tycho puzzle is an eight-piece puzzle made of durable steel and brass. Upon first glance, an eight-piece puzzle may seem easy, but the angled, asymmetric pieces with tiny nuances make this puzzle challenging, even for the most experienced puzzle solver. When fully assembled, the Tycho Puzzle is a small cube shape that measures 1.8 inches by 1.8 inches by 1.8 inches cubed. In its fully assembled form, the cube even has a small hidden interior cavity, perfect for hiding a secret surprise. The puzzle weighs 1 pound 8 ounces and is the ideal conversation starter for an office. Use the puzzle as a decoration, paperweight, or much-needed mental break. This fun puzzle is the perfect gift for the friend or loved one who truly has it all. The beautiful and sleek Craighill Tycho Puzzle is currently available through Huckberry and is priced at $125, comes with free shipping, and has a 60-day return policy.