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Staying at home more frequently likely means you’ve had to dig deep to find new things to do. While there’s been the usual spate of gardening, cleaning (has your kitchen ever looked this good?), and, well…napping, there’s definitely room in the mix to indulge your creative side, too. Doing puzzles has emerged as among the quarantine period’s most stress-busting activities – and for good reason.

It channels your energy into something very focused and specific, and much like reading a book it transports you into another world. Before long, you’re immersed in finding the piece to complete one portion of the image. Your cognitive functionalities shift into overdrive, and for once it’s not because you’re thinking about the news. They’re fun and stimulating. Think of them as little workouts for your brain – and they happen to look pretty darn great when you’re done! Here are a few that you’ll definitely want to frame when they’re completed.

Jackson Pollock: Convergence 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Ah, to bend the mind! The twists and turns know no end, something you’ll discover the moment that you begin working on the Jackson Pollock: Convergence 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle. Known for his freewheeling style and splashed finishes, Pollock utilized the drip technique to create abstract works that made him a driving force in influencing fellow American artists. But his style brought him global fame – and today, you can honor that work through puzzles like this. It’s definitely one way to pass the time while you’re in quarantine!

Charlie Bennell Yoro Park Puzzle

Sleek, clean, and contemporary, the Yoro Park Puzzle is designed by Charlie Bennell. The artist has long held a deep appreciation for architecture and its relationship to space and light. It’s evident in the finished work; this piece depicts the Site of Reversible Destiny, the so-called “experience park” developed in 1996. Attractions here beg for time and deep thought, as dramatic use of space and bold, true colors create a vivid canvas that bridges the gap between architecture and artwork. This puzzle pays beautiful homage to the real life experience.

The New Yorker View of the World 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

If you’re a New Yorker, odds are you’ll relate to this iconic cover of The New Yorker in some way or another. And if not, it’s sure to draw the occasional chuckle. View of the World from 9th Avenue served as the cover art for the March 29, 1976 issue, and it instantly drew favor for its humorous depiction of Manhattan as the center of the universe. For those who enjoy a good challenge, The New Yorker View of the World 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle will not disappoint – just check all the white space at the top!

Areaware Gradient Puzzle

Good luck! That’s about all you’re going to need as you go about attempting the Areaware Gradient Puzzle. Available in four eye-popping colors, this tricky puzzle features 500 pieces that, when successfully worked together, yield a gradated finish. You’ll develop an inherent appreciation for the depth of color – and trust that you will be so intent on finishing it that you won’t be able to think of anything else until it’s done.

Areaware little puzzle thing® Balloon Puzzle

Put a smile on your face! The Areaware little puzzle thing® Balloon Puzzle is part of a series of jigsaws that are designed to complete in under 20 minutes. They’re little morsels that are sure to satisfy, whether you opt for this cheery, smiley balloon or something that tempts your palate, like a piece of piece, a chocolate bar, or a slice of pizza. They’re all uplifting in their own charming ways, and they’re all perfect for wiling away the time.

Dusen Dusen Pattern Puzzle – Stack

Bold patterns and vibrant colors are the hallmarks of the Dusen Dusen range, which was founded by Ellen Van Dusen with the intention of brightening lives and contributing something fresh and dynamic to the artistic landscape. While a popular addition to any millennial’s apartment, Dusen Dusen wares fit nicely into any setting thanks to their uplifting vibe. The Stack Pattern Puzzle is an apt example of that. Bright hues set on white brim with good cheer and plenty of personality. The finished product will breathe new life into any room.

Geode Puzzle

The dramatic geode has found its way into homes by the millions over the years. In its many forms, it adds a sense of earthy intrigue to any space. There’s a certain warmth about this Geode Puzzle that makes it a particularly worthy addition to your world, especially if you have a thing for natural color palettes and creative shapes. The laser-cut workmanship alone is worthy of attention, but what’s sure to grip you – and maybe twist you into knots as you try in vain to figure it out – is this puzzle’s sheer difficulty. It’s all in good fun, and you’ll love the way it challenges you.

UP! 450 Piece Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

To say that a little color is most welcome at this moment in time is an understatement. If you’re fully committed to self-care during a period when it’s needed the most, you’ll welcome good news on any front. That makes this UP! 450 Piece Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle particularly alluring, what with its vibrant palette, “up”lifting design, and beautiful finished product. It’s just tricky enough to keep you busy, busy, busy.