Huckberry Weekenders

Huckberry Offers A Pair Of Stylish, Super Affordable Sunglasses

Heavy-duty plastic and scratch-resistant polarized lenses make the Huckberry Weekend’s a go-to pair that can be worn all day, every day.

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$ 35

The Huckberry Weekenders are made to be a versatile pair of shades that can be worn all day, every day. Sometimes, all you really need is a simple way to keep the glare out of your eyes without worrying about whether you’ll scratch, break, or lose sunglasses that you’ve had to save up for months to buy. While a more expensive pair is safe to keep in your car to have for when you’re driving or to bring out on a trip to the beach just to lay out in the sun, they might not be the pair you want to risk wearing when you’re running errands, hiking, or getting swept up in a spontaneous adventure.

Fortunately, Huckberry’s durable plastic construction takes the form of a classic Wayfarer frame that is as practical as it is stylish — easing any anxiety about taking them along for whatever arises. Polarized lenses reflect the sun while enhancing your field of vision to boot. These sunglasses may spare the high price tag but they certainly don’t cut corners when it comes to making a great first impression.